Track your GPS to create a unique holiday decoration


RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) – It’s a holiday tradition for many families, looking for the perfect Christmas tree. But what about the ornament hunt?

When the snow falls in Custer State Park, so does the number of visitors.

But, the visitor center has found a creative way to bring people back.

“Right now in Custer State Park we are having a geocaching event,” said Kobee Stalder, visitor service program manager at Custer State Park.

The park’s first “Caching through the snow” is a GPS-led scavenger hunt, and it begins with a list of latitudes and longitudes.

“Basically, you type in those coordinates on your cell phone, then a pin pops up, and then you walk to that place where this piece of the ornament is, Stalder said.

Six pieces can be found along the way, and when assembled on a plastic ball, participants will find that they have created a buffalo ornament.

But, while visitors may not want a plastic bison on their Christmas tree, the event is for Black Hills residents.

“It’s really fun for the whole family to get out there, take a quick hike and take on a challenge, and get them to communicate and work together,” Stalder said.

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