Jill Biden to Unveil White House Holiday Decor Theme


First Lady Jill Biden will unveil the White House’s decorations and holiday theme on Monday, and Twitter fans are hoping there won’t be any red and sinister Christmas trees that Melania Trump was criticized for during the mandate of Donald Trump.

Biden will be joined by a National Guard family – Captain Maryanne V. Harrell, her husband, Levi and children Levi II, Marcus and Elliana – to honor the Guard’s support during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a statement from Biden’s office.

The First Lady will also host Elliana’s sophomore class from Malcolm Elementary School in Waldorf, Md., For the event, and plans to thank the 100 volunteers who helped with the decoration.

Last Monday, Biden was at the scene when the White House Christmas tree – an 18.5-foot Fraser Fir from North Carolina – was set up in the Blue Room.

Although Melania Trump went for a very traditional ‘America the Beautiful’ holiday look in her senior year in the White House, it’s hard for many to shake off the memory of her eerie red Christmas trees in 2018.

And while the former president has often accused Democrats of trying to cancel Christmas, it was his own wife who notoriously said in a recorded phone call in 2018: Xmas ?


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