How about opening a part-time Christmas decoration rental business?


It’s a fact: Mexicans really love Christmas. According to a survey conducted by research firm, De la Riva Group, among 800 people across the country, nine out of 10 celebrated Christmas last year. It thus became the most important holiday of 2016 in Mexico, surpassing Mother’s Day (79%) and Father’s Day (57%).

Christmas is also the time of year when we spend the most time. According to a recent study by the Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Small (Canacope) of Mexico City, an estimate of the average expenditure for a Christmas and New Year dinner, including gifts, is 4 thousand 717 pesos for a family. four to six members.

Apart from the purchase of gifts, food and beverages for dinners, parties and gatherings, the acquisition of the Christmas tree and other Christmas accessories represent the main categories of disbursements.

How? ‘Or’ What?

Due to the Christmas scene in Mexico, full of expenses to buy things that often end up being thrown in a closet or cellar, or even in the trash, the idea is to offer a professional Christmas decoration rental service. . For this it is not necessary to rent a commercial space, but to prepare a space at home or in the warehouse that serves as a warehouse for the items that will be part of your catalog: artificial trees, series and spheres, outdoor lighting, giant Santa Claus figures and births. This will require a minimum investment of $150,000.

To conquer the market, you can create a website (for $30,000) where you display your catalog as well as the conditions and terms of the rental contract (by day, week or month), so that you can reach private customers – most of them young people from the middle and upper classes who are more and more accustomed to the collaborative economy, and therefore interested in using certain products for a while instead of acquiring them. On the other hand, there are corporate clients, i.e. offices, businesses and corporations who need both decoration advice and the rental of Christmas items (including the cleaning service and maintenance).

Although it is a seasonal activity, you have the opportunity to take advantage of your infrastructure and your contacts to offer decoration the rest of the year. For example: February 14, national holidays and Halloween.

Success Story

In Mexico: Laurel Floristeria

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