Decorating ideas for the Easter long weekend to give your party a DIY touch


Lockdown fatigue and a desire to support local businesses mean everyone has the urge to eat out at some point during Easter. But the extra-long weekend lends itself well to home entertainment, especially with the kids.

Easter decor appears to have taken it to the next level, with stores getting big with their pastel and bunny-shaped offerings. And while you can buy a completely made egg wreath for your front door (yes, that’s a thing), it’s a great opportunity for a little DIY. Plus, it’ll give older kids an activity at the start of what can feel like a really long two-week break from school. Coming up, four smart Easter ideas everyone can enjoy.

Avoid generic treats and get crafty this Easter.Credit:iStock

Eggs all around

As Easter trees (like a Christmas tree but usually smaller and tinny) have become fashionable, so have Easter decorations. Head to a stationery store like Officeworks (or even your local $ 2 store) for some light paper egg decorations. Rather than hanging them, thread a string through their middle, using a needle, to create an “egg chain” that can be hung on the wall. For a little more bling, thread a miniature gold pom pom between each egg and add ribbons to the ends. You can also make your own eggs with honeycomb paper pom poms. Just cut to create an egg shape, glue and they’re ready to put on.

A dazzling centerpiece

One thing that really starts a party? A piñata. This is arguably an activity more suited to adults and older children, although adults usually aren’t able to muster the level of excitement kids go to when chocolate cascades from papier mache. Create your own giant egg piñatas using a large, full balloon (3 feet is ideal) and papier-mâché. Google the method if you’ve forgotten how – you’ll need newspaper, plain flour, and hot water. Four coats should do this. Wait for it to dry, then cut out a “door” at the top for your goodies. Close and decorate. The paint is great, but the fringed tissue paper is the traditional piñata texture and making tiny cuts in the paper is quite meditative. Highly recommend.

Origami bunnies make a quaint Easter decoration for your guests to take home.

Origami bunnies make a quaint Easter decoration for your guests to take home.Credit:iStock

Rabbits en masse

If you love neat folds and draw attention to your talent, then this DIY is for you. The idea is simple: origami rabbits but make them giant and do a lot. Stiff wrapping paper or a roll of photographic paper (if you take your craft seriously) is the ideal material. Cut into a square and fold. When completed, the three-dimensional bunnies make a great backdrop for the entryway or in the garden for a fun vignette. If they turn out to be smaller than expected, all is not lost, use them to decorate the table.


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