2021 White House Christmas Decor Pics: The Presidential Palace is themed with Gifts from the Heart


2021 Christmas Decorations at the White House | Photo credit: whitehouse.gov


  • This year, approximately 41 Christmas trees were placed inside the White House.
  • Approximately 6,000 feet of ribbons, 300 candles and over 10,000 ornaments were used to decorate the White House.
  • 100 dedicated volunteers worked for a week to prepare the White House for Christmas.

Without a doubt, the whole world is looking forward to seeing the breathtaking Christmas decorations inside the White House. And this year, it will be a special year because it is the first Christmas for Joe Biden and Jill Biden in the White House. This year, the White House 2021 holiday theme is named “Gifts from the Heart”. This theme is believed to be inspired by the people around the world the Bidens have met this year. This theme concerns 11 things – faith, community, family, friendship, learning, nature, gratitude, service, peace, unity and the arts.

All the rooms and wings of the White House have been designed under this theme and the images are breathtaking. From the East Wing to the Grand Foyer via the Hall of the Cross, each place has been designed to captivate the public. If you haven’t seen the photos yet, here are these intriguing images.

White House East Wing Christmas Decoration 2021
East Wing | Photo credit: Whitehouse.gov

The east wing of the White House was decorated in honor Service gift. Illuminated with iridescent doves and shooting stars, the colonnade looks surreal. The decoration of the east wing defines acts of compassion, bravery and selflessness.

2021 East Landing White House Christmas Decoration
Landing East | Photo credit: Whitehouse.gov

The tree adorned with golden stars at East Landing is placed in honor of the men and women of the National Army who sacrificed their lives to protect the country.

White House Library Christmas Decoration 2021
Library | Photo credit: Whitehouse.gov

The decoration of the library pays homage to the Learning gift. This White House location containing 2,700 volumes of books was decorated with stacks of books, butterflies and birds made from recycled newspapers.

Christmas decoration of the vermeil room of the White House 2021
Vermeil Room | Photo credit: Whitehouse.gov

La Salle Vermeil honored the Gift of visual arts. This bedroom has been decorated with bold and colorful paintings that represent diverse American art. A tree has been placed in the middle with colorful decorations.

White House China bedroom Christmas decoration 2021
China Room | Photo credit: Whitehouse.gov

The China Room of the White House honored the Gift of friendship and sharing. There is a Christmas tree placed in the room, the branches of which are wrapped in garlands of intertwined hands symbolizing friendship, companionship and cheerfulness. This room contains the crockery used by the former presidential families.

Christmas decoration of the East Room of the White House 2021
East Room | Photo credit: Whitehouse.gov

The East Room which is the largest room in the White House and hosts public receptions, ceremonies and other memorable occasions is decorated to honor the Gift of gratitude. The Christmas trees placed in this room have their branches embellished with handwritten notes that reflect gratitude and gratitude.

White House 2021 Green Room Christmas Decoration
Green room | Photo credit: Whitehouse.gov

The White House Green Room honors the Gift of nature. Purple trees accented with natural orchids can be seen lined up along the windows. The beautiful fireplace has been decorated with lush green foliage.

White House Blue Room Christmas Decoration 2021
Blue Room | Photo credit: Whitehouse.gov

The Blue Room which features the official White House Christmas tree honors the Gift of peace and unity. The 18.5-foot Fraser Fir from Jefferson, North Carolina is adorned with doves of peace bearing a shimmering banner embossed with the names of each state and territory in the United States. Beautiful white LED lights illuminated the tree as well as the glittering parquet floor.

White House Red Room Christmas Decoration 2021
Red Room | Photo credit: Whitehouse.gov

The Red Room of the White House was decorated in honor of the Donation of the performing arts. Beautiful coppers hang from the fireplace against the lush silk curtains of the windows. The Christmas tree in the center is adorned with ballet shoes, tap dancing and musical notes.

2021 White House State Dining Room Christmas Decoration
State Dining Room | Photo credit: Whitehouse.gov

The White House State Dining Room honors the Family donation. The Christmas trees placed in this room are decorated with ornaments and photographs of past and present presidential families. Beautiful red striped stockings were also used to decorate the fireplace.

2021 White House Gingerbread
2021 Gingerbread Maison Blanche | Photo credit: Whitehouse.gov

The official 2021 Gingerbread White House is captured on camera and placed on the Eagle’s Pier table in the State Dining Room. It consists of 55 sheets of baked gingerbread, 120 pounds of pastillage, 35 pounds of chocolate, and 25 pounds of royal icing. This year, he’s inspired by the nation’s frontline workers who got the country through the pandemic. It includes eight detailed replicas of community buildings representing frontline workers.

Christmas decoration of the foyer of the Grand Foyer of the White House 2021
Grand Foyer and Hall of Crosses | Photo credit: Whitehouse.gov

The Grand Foyer and Cross Hall of the White House honor the gift of faith and community. The Christmas trees that line the hallway are adorned with floating candles and show the winter scenes of towns and villages.

Christmas decoration of the White House 2021
White House Christmas Decoration | Photo credit: Whitehouse.gov

This year, there are a total of 41 Christmas trees placed inside the White House. All of these trees were decorated with approximately 6,000 feet of ribbon, 300 candles, and over 10,000 ornaments. More than 78,750 Christmas lights were used to decorate the Christmas trees, garlands and wreaths on display at the White House. The north and south facades of the White House are adorned with 25 classic crowns. About a hundred volunteers were mobilized for a week to create this extraordinary Christmas decoration.


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