Volkswagen Credit: the best offers

Summer is fast approaching, sunny days are coming and Volkswagen credit at the best rate too! It is often at this time of year that the French decide to change cars. And for all those who still hesitate on the choice of vehicle, do not hesitate to visit our articles on the Mercedes credit or on the Audi credit as well as on all the auto credits offered by the manufacturers.

Get a Volkswagen loan at the best rate

Get a Volkswagen loan at the best rate

Apart from the zero-rate offers, explained in more detail in our new car credit article, we have not identified any other classic Volkswagen credit offer that is worthwhile at the moment. It must be said that the promotions of manufacturers on their credit are rare and sometimes questionable as we also demonstrated in the article on auto credit rate 0%. Renting with Purchase Option and Long Term Rental are still doing well by offering more complementary services, but for a final financial cost higher than conventional car credit (all the details in our comparison LDD, LOA and conventional credit ).

Here is our simple and effective method to get a Volkswagen loan at the best rate.

First, choose the type of project (for the Volkswagen credit, it will be new car credit or used car credit depending on the need), the amount to borrow as well as the repayment period. Then go to our exclusive form to obtain a ranking and a 100% tailor-made response. Two steps necessary to access a Volkswagen loan at the best custom rate.

Automatically, the organization offering the best Volkswagen car loan rate will be questioned to find out if it is ready to finance the file. We provide a live evaluation and the organization sends its response immediately in most cases and if not at most within twelve hours of the request. It is also possible to question organizations that have offered the second and third best Volkswagen auto loan rates. In the end, you will only have to choose the best rate where the file has obtained an agreement in principle.

The point of comparing Volkswagen credit

The point of comparing Volkswagen credit

For example, we took a Volkswagen loan via a second-hand car loan of 12,000 USD (national average of car loan requests: 12,800 USD). As for the repayment period, it takes an average of less than 48 months for a car loan. We will therefore reimburse the credit in 60 months.

Used car loan, 12,000 USD over 60 months:

Rate 1 st place: 3.51% Monthly: 218.06 $ Volkswagen Credit Cost: 1083.60 $
Last place rate: 7.61% Monthly payment: $ 239.64 Cost of the Volkswagen loan: $ 2,378.40

More than double the total cost of the same Volkswagen loan! No one would pay double for the same car, so why do it for the same loan?

Volkswagen credit offers offered by dealers

Volkswagen credit offers offered by dealers

Today, all the major car brands highlight their own credit, directly offered on the internet and in dealerships. But are they worth the cost and what are the conditions for obtaining them?
Compare the classic credit rate offered by VW Bank – SARL financial entity of the Volkswagen group, with the best offer from our comparison engine and under the same conditions (rates noted on 04/26/2016):

  • Volkswagen fixed taeg rate: 4.90% Monthly payment: 36 months Amount: from $ 8,000 to $ 30,000
  • Fixed taeg rate Bankate: 2.80% Monthly payment: 36 months Amount: from $ 8,000 to $ 30,000

For a Polo at 10,700 $, the total cost of the credit will return to 756 USD while passing through a specialized organization, the total cost of the new car loan to 10,000 $ will return to 432.08 USD !

Other solutions exist

And for all those who would like to know other Volkswagen credit solutions, here is the detail.

  • Personal credit: this type of credit allows the borrower to use the money received as he sees fit, he can spend it both on the purchase of a car, on work or for any other project diverse and varied that will be close to his heart. Used to finance a used car loan, it is mainly used to replenish the cash of the applicant (s) after an unforeseen event in life or to finance a personal project.
  • Auto bank credit: although it is much rarer than mortgage applications, it is also possible to apply for Volkswagen credit directly from a bank. However, there are a few important points to keep in mind in order to hope for a final agreement. In particular, being a long-term client who has had no or very few financial difficulties (overdraft, debts, etc.) with his bank.