Peugeot Credit: find the best rate for sure!


Do you want to buy a Peugeot and wonder if Peugeot credit is the best solution? Here is what you need to know about Peugeot credit and how to find the best auto credit rate.

Peugeot credit: Good Lender or other credit?

Peugeot credit: Good Lender or other credit?

Good Lender is the consumer credit company of the Peugeot group. This organization has therefore developed a whole range of financing to support vehicle sales and of course a Peugeot loan. This credit will be directly offered to you in concession by the car salesman. But the question everyone is asking is: is Peugeot credit the cheapest credit?

To ensure you find the best car loan, we regularly raise the rates of the largest credit organizations such as Good bank, Best financier, or Viloan. This is what allows us to ensure that we offer the cheapest auto credit on the web.
To ensure you get the best car loan rate, here is the preparation and negotiation method that we offer:

  • Peugeot Credit: Get the best car credit rate on the web

For that, it’s very simple, you just need to use our exclusive credit comparator which will allow you not only to get the best rate but also to multiply the chances that your file will be accepted. To do this, we have developed a unique questionnaire which allows you to obtain the 3 best auto loan rates on the market and to submit a request for each of these rates in just one click. This helps to avoid finding your spout in the water if you only make one request and it is refused. You will then receive a formal proposal corresponding to the best car loan rate.

But that’s not all. To multiply the chances of obtaining the best rate for your Peugeot loan, you will also benefit from a non-binding assessment of the organization offering the best rate. So you will know what to expect and if you have to question others, it only takes a click!

The reference rate for our comparison is the APR, the overall effective annual rate defined by the consumer credit law as a reference, so check carefully, including on Peugeot credit.

  • Negotiate your Peugeot loan

Thanks to this first offer, you will be ready to negotiate. Either you see right away that the Peugeot credit is cheaper (so do not hesitate and jump on the opportunity!) So you are sure that the Peugeot credit is the best offer, which is generally the case during the promotion period exceptional credit. If the Peugeot loan rate is more expensive, then show the best offer you have. Either the seller has the option of lowering their rate and offering you something cheaper, or you already have the best car credit in your hands regardless of the credit agency.

Peugeot or LOA credit

Peugeot or LOA credit

If you hesitate between a Peugeot loan and an LOA, you simply need to know that on average a LOA (rental with option to buy) costs much more than a car loan. It is generally several thousandUSD difference as we demonstrated in our comparison Credit auto, LOA and LLD.

Now if you do not want to bother with the resale of your vehicle and you can afford this comfort, do not hesitate, the LOA is for you. Crédipar offers both LOA and Peugeot credit.

How much is too expensive credit 

How much is too expensive credit 

We could not conclude this article on Peugeot credit without giving you an idea of ​​the money that can be saved between a cheap car loan and the most expensive rate. For our example, we will take a Peugeot 308 credit, i.e. a 20,000USD credit over 60 months. You will see how much it could cost you not to compare:

  • Least expensive credit with fixed taeg rate: 4.50% monthly payment: 372.04USD total cost of the credit: 2322.40USD.
  • Most expensive credit with fixed taeg rate: 9.77% monthly payment: 418.65USD total cost of credit: 5,119.00USD.

The most expensive credit, from a well-known brand whose advertisements you see on television very regularly, will cost you almost 28ooUSD more than the cheapest credit! In this case, proposed by Good bank the day we made the statement (September 23, 2014) but which may change regularly.