All information about the revolving loan.

According to polls, almost half of French households are in the red every end of the month. Once the rents, bills and internet have been removed, the monthly household budget turns out to be very limited. Which pushes some to go into the overdrafts. Contrary to popular belief, overdrafts are not just the result of poor capital management.

In any case, do you know that there are other alternatives than paying bank charges. Revolving credit is an option that is attracting more and more individuals. It is a banking service which is part of the credits without supporting documents.

Functioning of revolving credit

Functioning of revolving credit

Among other things, revolving credit allows you to find a certain standard of living. You benefit from excess liquidity which varies according to your profile and your needs. The banks offer in particular a capital which fluctuates between 500 and 6,000 USD repayable over 2 to 5 years.

With this kind of financing, you have more purchasing power. And you will avoid overdraft penalties. Revolving credit rates are much more attractive than the agios you will pay on an overdraft. The APR being calculated on the basis of the capital requested, with a revolving credit which is capped at 6,000 USD, you will be entitled to a small loan.

This will be all the more the case if you present good guarantees of payment: quality assurance, stable income, contract of employment in CDI, or even a guarantee. Banks can be open to discussion, and will be tempted to lower your rates if you meet the right criteria.

But be aware that the capital you get from revolving credit is not only used to meet household needs or as a reserve of money. It is also an effective way to finally breathe new life into your financial situation. The capital is not subject to verification by the banks.

You can therefore use it to pay your old debts, or to settle the monthly payments of another credit. Have you had problems with your home or auto insurance because of the monthly payments? Use the revolving credit capital to get it right. The capital may even take charge of late penalties.

Do you have a short loan that you want to settle in advance? You do not want to buy back credit, because this kind of contract can commit you on the longer term? Revolving credit can be an alternative, provided that the rest of the capital remaining with prepayment penalties does not exceed the credit limit requested.

In some cases, revolving credit is used for investment projects. You can use it to replenish your savings or life insurance accounts. You can use it to buy shares in SCPI. It is also possible to decide in the budget to make an investment on the stock market. What to ensure the financial future of your household. Consider diversifying your investments for a little more security.

Safe, simple and secure, the revolving loan appeals to more than half of households. This is all the more the case since the advent of digitalization. From now on, you can access this banking service from the bank’s virtual platform. You will be offered a form 24/7 on these sites. The handling of your request will be done quickly. Some digital banks can even offer you a basic response in less than 24 hours.

The revolving credit offer offered by Good Crediter

The revolving credit offer offered by Good Crediter

Good Crediter offers a revolving credit under the name of Best Bank, it is a financing which will allow you to borrow from 200 to 6000 USD over a repayment period of 60 months maximum.

Discover the advantages of Best Bank revolving credit:

  • With the revolving credit, the borrower can pay for his expenses by bank card or check, and if he wishes, he can spread the payment over the period of his choice.
  • Once he has paid for a purchase, the borrower will receive an SMS alert which will indicate the possibility of spreading his expenditure.
  • After a payment, the borrower will have a period of 10 days to ask his bank to spread this expense. If the borrower chooses to spread, his account will then be credited with the amount of his purchase.
  • If desired, the borrower can cancel or modify a spreading period or make an early repayment